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Lifetime Mortgages

Rates are currently available from 2.79% fixed for life (2.94% APRC).  
A lifetime interest only mortgage of £100,000 based on this interest rate would give you monthly payments of £232.50 if you chose to service the interest.  This example is based on a 74 year old owning a property valued at £400,000. 
Assuming he lived for 15 years and paid the interest (180 monthly payments) he would pay back a total of £41,850.00 in interest with the £100,000 capital to be repaid from the sale of the property.
The lender charges no fees and would give you a free valuation.  You would be charged our standard broker fee of £995 payable on completion.
The actual rate would depend on your individual circumstances.
Please ask for your free personalised key facts illustration.
Interest Only Lifetime Mortgages
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