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Buy to Let Mortgages in Retirement

Buy to let mortgages into retirement

Are you looking to take out a Buy to Let mortgage or replace an existing Buy to Let mortgage that is coming to an end?


We have lenders who would consider you for a mortgage regardless of age, allowing you to run a mortgage to age 95 or beyond.


We can arrange these schemes through either High Street lenders or specialist Buy to Let mortgage providers and we have access to exclusive products* not available directly to the general public.

Buy to Let mortgages are available on either an interest only or repayment basis. 

Most Buy to Let lenders base the maximum loan available on the anticipated rent that the buy to let property will produce, rather than an applicants personal income.


Some lenders have a minimum personal income requirement, we do however have access to lenders with no minimum income requirements.

Equity Release
Pensioner Mortgages

Many of the Buy to Let re-mortgage schemes available come with a free valuation and solicitors package. 


It may be that you are looking to convert your existing residential property into a buy to let and possibly at the same time release equity from the property to assist in your onward residential purchase (this is called a Let to Buy mortgage).

We also have access to lenders who would not have a problem if you were looking to rent out a buy to let property to a family member, although there would be qualifying criteria with this.

To discuss your personal situation in more detail or to obtain a written illustration with no obligation, please call us on 0800 542 1719

*We are members of several industry mortgage clubs such as PMS, Legal & General, Answers in Retirement (AIR) and via these we have access to schemes not available directly to the general public.

**Subject to status.

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